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Dunn Excavating Company -The best Hamilton excavation company

Dunn Excavating Company, a top Hamilton excavation company, offers a variety of services. Learn why they’re the best excavation company.


Are you considering purchasing a new home? Do you want to improve your home?

Dunn Excavation is the most trusted Excavation Company in Hamilton and Southwest Ohio. Dunn Excavating offers the most comprehensive excavation services in Hamilton and the surrounding communities.

We are Hamilton’s leading excavation company! We proudly provide exceptional excavation services in Hamilton, Mason, Fairfield, Middleton, Springboro, Oxford, Springdale, Cincinnati, and the surrounding areas.

We offer excavation services such as gravel driveways, land clearing, demolition, gravel pads, and water lines. We have highly skilled workers who can handle excavation needs while producing high-quality results.

We are Hamilton’s best excavation company! Allow us to demonstrate our capabilities by working on your next project!

We can handle not only your excavation requirements but also your concrete requirements. We can assist you in removing unwanted trees and bushes when purchasing land for your dream home or business.

At Dunn Excavation, we can disconnect all your water lines and finish your concrete work, making your new structure ready to use. Our staff members have years of experience, ensuring you get the best job at the best price.

Dunn Excavation Services

Below are the excavating services that we offer.

  • Land Clearing
  • Water Line Installation
  • Gravel Driveway
  • Demolition Services
  • Stock Pond

Land Clearing Services
Excavating Company

Have you just recently acquired a sizable piece of land and need land-clearing services to prepare the land for the construction of a house?

Have you recently decided to clean up the land even though you have owned it for quite some time? Do you want your property cleaned so that passing motorists can have a clearer view of your house from the road?

Regarding land clearing in this part of the country, nobody does it better than Dunn Excavation!

Regardless of the type of project you have in mind, Dunn Excavation can immediately clear your land of any obstructions. We place the same value on our customers’ land as they do on their property.

Do you have many trees or bushes growing on your property that you don’t want there? Because Dunn Excavation is a contractor specializing in excavation, removing those plants from your property won’t present any difficulties.

Following the completion of the construction, we will gladly level and grade your land by the following specifications provided by the customer.

If land clearing is a service you require and you think that this might be something you would be interested in, please do not be reluctant to contact us about it!


Water Line Installation Services

A functional water line, also known as a water main in some contexts, is a fundamental requirement for the construction of any house. It is impossible to care for a family, entertain guests, or host any other type of visitor in your home without running water.

It can be accomplished by locating a company specializing in water main repair. It can be accomplished by looking for an excavation services company specializing in the installation or main water line repairs.

When a water line is damaged, it can cause various problems, including a drop in water pressure and a change in the color of the water. Even if these do not appear to be alarming signs at first glance, they can quickly lead to the need for an unexpected replacement.

When you schedule routine plumbing maintenance with Dunn Excavation, our licensed plumbers will inspect your pipes and advise whether your water line needs to be repaired or replaced.

Routine maintenance inspections allow us to assist you in identifying potential problems before they manifest as visible signs and symptoms, such as a drop in water pressure. Dunn Excavation will never press you to buy a service you don’t need because we value your trust.

You can rely on Dunn Excavation’s many years of expertise and experience to ensure that your house will continue to function normally for many years without interruptions.

Dunn Excavation understands that installing your water line is essential to maintaining your standard of living and, thus, a high priority for the company. Before we leave our customers’ operations, we conduct a final check to ensure that the ditches have been dug, the water lines have been installed, and the area has been covered.

If you have a project for us that requires the installation of water lines, we would be delighted to help and welcome the opportunity. Dunn Excavation will collaborate with you to ensure that your water lines are installed as soon as possible.


Gravel Driveways Services

Excavating Company

Your driveway looks like a mud pit, doesn’t it? Is it dangerous to venture outside in the aftermath of a severe storm that has just passed through? When other people try to use your driveway, do you ever find they cause you problems?

Dunn Excavation can assist you in developing a brand-new gravel driveway for your property! As a company specializing in excavating in Hamilton, we aim to make your life as easy and worry-free as possible!

We place a high premium on our customers and would be ecstatic to make a significant difference in your life. Dunn Excavation can’t wait to start building a driveway for you that lives up to your standards and fulfills all of your requirements.

When you hire Dunn Excavation as your excavation contractor, they will ensure your driveway is graded and leveled appropriately before laying down the gravel.

This service is included in the price of the job. It will guarantee that your mornings run as smoothly as the gravel in your driveway.


Demolition Services

Do you call either of the houses on your property your primary residence? Do you intend to rebuild the other structure while demolishing the one you are working on? Are you sick and tired of the musty and moldy smell that lingers inside your home?

Dunn Excavation can be of service to you in this regard! Without a doubt, we have the machinery required to utterly demolish the interior of your home without causing any additional damage in the process.

Dunn Excavation knows this work’s importance to you; call us to schedule the interior demolition!

Dunn Excavation is committed to ensuring that each of our customers is happy with the work we perform for them and is happy to demolish any buildings or interior space you require.

Call us for demolition services.


Stock Pond Services

Excavating Company

Are you interested in finding an excavation services company specializing in ponds or stock tank construction? If that is the case, then you have found the right destination.

We at Dunn Excavation construct up-to-date ponds and stock tanks that are also being built to last for many years. Experience is of the utmost importance when it comes to the construction of stock tanks. Because of this, our experienced contractors will lend a hand to you in erecting a stock tank that makes efficient use of space.

Leaks are a common problem that affects stock ponds and tanks that have recently been constructed and are already in use. Small bodies of water found in certain types of soil will, over time, slowly lose their water content to the soil that surrounds them or to a spot in the bank that allows water to seep away slowly. This process is known as percolation.

It not only reduces the amount of water in the reservoir, but it also has the potential to degrade the quality of the water that is left over, which is an issue.

We at Dunn Excavation are experts in providing services for stock ponds, and the natural material we use is what we consider to be the very best currently available. We do not make use of any potentially harmful chemicals in the process of constructing the stock pond.


Provides Quality Service at Hamilton

Dunn Excavation will take on any project, large or small! We can assist you with the project you’re planning and show you why we are Hamilton’s most trusted excavating company.

Allow Dunn Excavation to serve as your go-to excavation contractor!

In Hamilton, Ohio, you’ll find the Dunn Excavation Company, an excavation business run by a family. As an excavation contractor, we aim to provide the highest quality services to customers in Hamilton and the areas immediately surrounding the city.

We can handle everything, whether residential or commercial, and provide solutions of the highest caliber! You can get a FREE Quote by calling us right now or filling out the form on this page to get a FREE Quote.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at this number for additional information: (513) 790-5911.


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